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Traefik SSL Proxying.

Highlight Deployment with Traefik on Docker

This documentation provides guidance on deploying Highlight with Traefik as a reverse proxy on a Docker environment. It includes detailed steps for configuring Docker Compose files and environment settings to ensure successful deployment and operation.


Deploying Highlight with Traefik involves setting up Docker containers for Highlight's frontend and backend services, configuring Traefik to route traffic appropriately, and ensuring SSL termination is handled by Traefik instead of the internal services.

Docker Compose Configuration

Below is an example docker-compose.yml configuration for setting up Highlight services with Traefik labels for routing:

version: '3.7' services: backend: image: container_name: backend labels: - "traefik.enable=true" - "traefik.http.routers.highlight-backend.rule=Host(``)" - "" expose: - "8082" networks: - proxy - highlight frontend: image: container_name: frontend labels: - "traefik.enable=true" - "traefik.http.routers.highlight-frontend.rule=Host(``)" - "" expose: - "3000" networks: - proxy - highlight networks: proxy: external: true highlight: external: true
Environment Configuration

Ensure the .env file contains the necessary environment variables for Highlight and Traefik:

SSL=false # Disable SSL in Highlight services, let Traefik handle SSL termination REACT_APP_PRIVATE_GRAPH_URI=http://backend:8082 REACT_APP_PUBLIC_GRAPH_URI=http://frontend:3000
Traefik Configuration

Configure Traefik to handle SSL termination and route requests based on the hostname. Here is an example snippet from Traefik's configuration:

entryPoints: web: address: ":80" websecure: address: ":443" certificatesResolvers: myresolver: acme: email: storage: acme.json httpChallenge: entryPoint: web providers: docker: exposedByDefault: false
Testing and Validation

After configuring and starting your Docker containers, validate the setup by accessing in your browser. Ensure that both frontend and backend services are reachable and that SSL certificates are correctly applied by Traefik.

For more detailed information on setting up Highlight and integrating with Docker and Traefik, refer to the official documentation:

This setup ensures that Highlight runs smoothly with Traefik handling routing and SSL, providing a robust solution for monitoring applications in a Docker environment.