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Rage Clicks

Rage clicks are the equivalent of spamming a close elevator button when you just want to get up to your apartment. But, instead of a close elevator button, it's a space on your application. And instead of getting to your apartment, users usually rage click when a button isn't working as it should.

How do we identify rage clicks?

A Rage Click is defined as a time periodic in which a user clicks the same area a certain number of times. This can help highlight points of frustration your users have with the app.

By default, we consider user activity as rage clicks when there exists a 2 second or longer period in which a user clicks 5 or more times within a radius of 8 pixels.

Customizing rage click sensitivity

You'll find fine-grained control over your project's rage click settings in your project settings page.

  • Elapsed Time (seconds): the maximum time interval during which clicks count toward a rage click.

  • Radius (pixels): how close clicks must be to be determined as part of the same rage click.

  • Minimum Clicks: the minimum number of nearby clicks required to count as a rage click.

configuring rage click settings

Alerting for rage clicks

Create a rage click alert within your project's alerts page to be notified on Slack or via email about a user rage clicking in your app!

creating a rage click alert