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Trace Search

You can filter traces using a search query. For example, you can get to all traces produced in the last 15 minutes from a private-graph service by selecting "Last 15 minutes" from the time picker and entering the following query:


For more detailed information on using search, check out our Search docs.

Default Key

The default key for traces search is span_name. If you enter an expression without a key (gorm.Query) it will be used as the key for the expression (span_name=gorm.Query).

Searchable Attributes

You can search on any attributes that you send in your traces as well as any of the default attributes assigned to a trace. Our SDKs will also link sessions, errors, and logs to their respective traces.

You can view a list of the available attributes to filter on by starting to type in the search box. As you type you'll get suggestions for keys to filter on.