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This doc acts as a reference for our values at, which includes how we work and we build things. It acts a way for us to understand how we should operate and what the "startup mentality" means to us. If you'd like to learn more about our product philosophy (which is more related to our product) see this doc.

We build in public.

With everything we build, we maintain an unwavering promise to use open source technologies so that you and your team don't have a dependency on our hosted offerings.

We strive to build in public in every way we can. This means sharing our roadmap, product specs, and company strategy. We see this as giving you all the more reason to consider joining us in building highlight.

We execute quickly and fail fast.

Given that most of the things we build are zero to one, there's often no better way to learn than to build. It's hard to predict how something will scale or be interacted w/ without building something and getting early feedback. With this philosophy, however, it's easy to ship low quality work. To address this, we always prefer to "cut scope, not quality"; we build out a few, very polished modules rather than many half-baked ones.

ABC: Always be chilling....

Though working at can be fast-paced at times, we keep it chill. This means taking time for social events, taking time off, and learning about each other beyond just work. We're all humans, and we all have lives outside of work.