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Segment Integration

If you have an existing codebase calling Segment's identify() and track() methods, then you won't have to call Highlight's. Highlight will automatically forward data sent to Segment to your Highlight sessions.

We are currently working with Segment on an official integration where you can enable, configure, and send data to Highlight. If you'd like to use this, then upvote this feature request.

Enabling the Segment Integration
H.init('<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>', { enableSegmentIntegration: true, })

Segment's identify() calls will now start forwarding to Highlight.

Enabling Track data forwarding

To forward analytics.track() calls to Highlight, you will need to use the HighlightSegmentMiddleware. This is available in the package starting in version 2.10.0.

import { H, HighlightSegmentMiddleware } from '' H.init('<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>', { enableSegmentIntegration: true, }) analytics.addSourceMiddleware(HighlightSegmentMiddleware)
Searching for segment events

Searching for segment events is as easy as using the segment-event filter in the session search UI. This is what it looks like.