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Changelog 23 (08/22)

Visual indicator in Session Replay devtools

Sessions can be long and contain huge lists of items.

As you watch your session replay, you can now see the items progress through the list automatically, with an indicator that tells you if the item is before or after the current timestamp.

Poll for new session, errors and logs

We often found ourselves refreshing our Highlight dashboard to update our data.

Highlight's web app now polls for new sessions, errors and logs, so you don't have to refresh the page every few seconds.

New results cause a button to pop up, prompting you to load the new records.

Pino.js log support

We've added support for yet another logging provider!

Welcome pino.js to the Highlight log family.

Pino.js screenshot

Alerts redesign

We're working through a series of redesigns for our Alerts forms.

Check out our progress 👇