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Session Search Deep Linking

The queries you build when searching for sessions are reflected in the URL parameters. You can share these URLs with others to deep link to search results, or even create them programatically.



  • The logical combinations, and and or, are built into the query, separated by spaces (%20):

    • /sessions?query={key1}={value1}%20AND%20{key2}={value2}
    • /sessions?query={key1}={value1}%20OR%20{key2}={value2}
  • Implicitly, and is used, so the following two queries are equivalent:

    • /sessions?query={key1}={value1}%20AND%20{key2}={value2}
    • /sessions?query={key1}={value1}%20{key2}={value2}
  • For more information on operators and general search, see our Search docs


Viewing sessions for a particular user:


Excluding sessions from your organization:


Viewing sessions for a particular page in your app:


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